New Era of WC (March,2011)

Created as an OGN ( Old Guards of Napoleon's) colony WC begun from presidents. As the 2011 Summer came close the president of the time (John Adams) fought against OGN's Ownership. Almost Destroyed with all military routed all hope was lost. When a treaty was signed with WC and EE (English Empire) EE Declared war following with there allies a WW begun against WC.

Yellow is Western Confederation. Red and Pink is OGN & Colony. the Striped land was Disputed territory.

Allies Axis

  1. WC
  2. EE
  3. Prussia
  4. Baviria
  5. Russia
  6. Siccillie


  1. OGN
  2. FAA
  3. TPOTW


WC fought hard to become a free nation against OGN with the war heading on WC was looseing all battles When EE steped in the war changed forcus off of WC started and the axis focus on EE to get them out of the war. When TPOTW invaded a cost of EE EE pushed hard out and won When the AXIS lost major battles it was time for peace.

Peace was made and the war ended witha result

49,790 Killed-French 75,000 Killed-WC 203,700 Killed-England 3,420 Killed- FAA 21,000 Killed-TPOTW

87,000 Wounded-French 77,000 Wounded-WC 54,600 Wounded-England 7,910 Wounded- FAA 20,300 Wounded-TPOTW

4,730 Captive or Missing-French 12,100 Captive or Missing-WC 10,523 Captive or Missing-England 1,200 Captive or Missing-FAA 16,300 Captive or Missing-TPOTW

31-French Ships Claimed 81-English Ships Claimed 5-TPOTW Ships Claimed

Western Confederation link   The LAST of the RP groups from this period all others have died. This group Is not active.

LouisXVIWC (talk) 21:10, January 25, 2014 (UTC)John Adams First President of Western Confederation