Un-Told Secrets

There are secrets for the russian Empire that have not been told to RP.

  1. The Prime Minister is Regent when the tsar is away for days
  2. Russia had (2) Civil wars while the tsar was gone
  3. Viktor Makorov was aressted (2) times and fired (1) while the tsar away but the tsar doesent know
  4. Russia has No military it does but its not Orginized
  5. Russia has a settlement on Greenland
  6. Russia does not follow Prussia anymore (We hav trade to keep out of debt)
  7. Viktor Makorov's Chlderen are not royal in russia
  8. Rebblion's from all Dukes went on when the tsar was away
  9. Andrew & idi supported the Rebblion and the civil war
  10. Prussia Secretly suported the NEW Russia

These are 10 secrets that only The prime minister and the old Tsarvich new about