(Description of the Sovereign Empire of Vash'jir as written in its community profile)


Territorial Map of the Sovereign Empire of Vash'jir (in blue)

The Sovereign Empire of Vash'jir is to be the greatest nation of our time. Vash'jir is a new nation founded upon the principals of equality, ethnic self-determination, and racial nationalism. Vash'jir consists of a series of islands controlled by a central government headed by a dictator with absolute power as well as a series of colonies with their own, self-created governments that answer to the dictator. The central islands are populated solely by Germanic peoples, and each individual colony's population is similarly of a single race or ethnicity. Vash'jir's ideology is that a people should be governed by and united under their own race.

Vash'jir is not militaristic, but boasts a very large military and excels in naval technology. Vash'jir's military is divided into different divisions, each composed of the people of and based in a different colony. The Vash'jir main islands have the largest army and navy, and their military also has bases in each of the colonies composed of the only Germanics present within the colonies. The government of Vash'jir is highly opposed by many nations because it is seen as militaristic and racist. However, the number of nations in good relations with Vash'jir grow by the day as people come to the realization that Vash'jir was founded on the ideas of equality and peace. The practice of ethnic self-determination has come to dominate the world since after the First World War, and Vash'jir hopes to bring that idea into a new era of unity and strength. The people of Vash'jir are known as the Naga, and the Naga are a proud people made up of people who left their own countries to be a part of something greater than themselves. All are encouraged to join the great empire of Vash'jir, and the Naga's numbers grow daily. Opportunities for free land and jobs are available to many of those who come to Vash'jir, especially those willing to join the military. One day, all will know the splendor of Vash'jir. Until that day, the Naga fight for an equal world without conflict.

Important Figures and Places

  • Capitol: Nazjatar (located in Key West)
  • Languages: Nazja, English, German, Spanish
  • Kaiser: Robert Patrick von Brennen das Sechste
  • Kaiserin: Chantal, Prinzessin von Hannover