The British-American Brotherhood (BRAB) is an RP group headed by the infamous RPer Field Marshal IDi Amin Dada. It was created in February 2011 and currently is 423 members strong.

On 20th March 2011 BRAB declared war on the Council of Nations and there followed a period of spamming and trolling by Idi which finally came to an end on 28th June 2011 when Idi formally surrendered to the Council of Nations.

The British-American Brotherhood (BRAB)


Secretary-General: Field Marshal IDi Amin Dada

Chancellor: Maximilian II, Kaiser von Siam

BRAB is made up of the Secretary-General, which is Idi, and another important people who hold positions there. It owns the entire East Coast of America as of July 1st 2011.
British-american flag

The flag of the British-American Brotherhood (BRAB).