The first leaders of Star Wars Roleplaying are long gone. Initially created by a triumvirate, muiltiple generations and ages were passed through. With times such as the Galactic Civil War, the Legacy Era, and currently the Great Galactica War, and with nations such as the Hapes Consortium, Black Sun, Rebel Alliance, Galactica Empire, Galactica Republic, Fel Empire, Sith Empire, Chiss Ascendency and short lived splinter factions such as the Lukaren Federation, and groups that never received official recognition such as the Outer Rim Roamer Confederation, the history of SWRP is a long and varied one.

However, throughout it's reign it has been dominated by various core principles. The main one has been the battle system, which uses Steam Chat- quite different from the usual Total War Games. While this does enable anyone to play, it also causes a fair degree of confusion, and factions with vastly superior numbers can be defeated by smaller, yet better commanded forces. While this is present in regular Roleplaying, it is brought to a peak in Star Wars Roleplaying.

The current main factions are the Chiss Ascendency, the Galactic Republic, the Novum Sith Empire, the New Imperium, and the Hapes Consortium. The Galactic Republic is the largest, and arguably strongest power, with a great lead in number od deployed ships and technology, as well as a more active member base. This was brought to spotlight during the Republic-Hapan-Empire-Chiss-Mandalorion War, when the Republic and it's Hapan allies managed to hold off the Chiss Ascendency, the Mandalorion Clans, and the Sith Empire.

There are many controversies within SWRP, with one of the msot obvious being the Republic's Infamous Grand Admiral Thomas Theisman, reviled for his "Missile Spamming". Others potential problems include the Sith Navy, which utilizes technology not to be invented for several thousand years, as well as various faction's efforts towards "Supershields" cabable of defeating any attacks upon them.