Prince Sigismund of Prussia

Sigismund von Prussen

Sigismund (also known in the past as Constantine, Issac, Alfonso) is a fairly prominent RPer who joined the Steam Role Playing community around November of 2011. He involved himself many RP groups across the community and in several cases has assisted in the many revivals that have been attempted throughout RP history, with the current one being the "Assembly of Nations."

Sigismund is generally respected amongst the community by its members, and people view him as an overall good person. He had befriended many people throughout the community, and there were those who also opposed him for their own respective reasons.

Early activitiesEdit

Initial ActionsEdit

When Sigismund first went on Steam for the first time in October 28th, 2011, it was when he had purchased Empire: Total War as a means to get out of an apparently toxic community in the site NationStates. He played Empire Total War for a few days until he came upon a clan called "Prussian Officer's Union" or POU for short. Sigismund has fought a battle on ETW with a person called William who was the leader of this clan. They befriended one another, and thus Sigismund became part of their clan for some months. During this time, Sigismund was exposed to RP which at the time was beginning to go into the Association of World Nations tier period.

Participation in CWNEdit

Time in AWNEdit

Barrack EmpireEdit

Sigismund at this point was inducted into the Desslock Dynasty during negotiations with the family's nation in conflict. He was given the name Sigismund, and he has kept this name since.

Brief time in CoNEdit


The Caliphate WarsEdit

Time in InvictusEdit

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The ExileEdit

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