RP in 2012 was seen as the ending years of RP, resulting in the death of around 95% of all RP groups, and still growing in numbers.

At the begining of 2012, Azeron the leader of AWN had planned a massive reform, from tier to a non tier system, which led to disagreement between several members of the community and eventually AWN lost its activity since many people left and made several other tiers. The Prominent Tier that kept RP alive after AWN's fall had been UFN, CWN and TFN. They kept RP alive for a few months and werel led by Andrew, Nilam, Gough respectively.

Soon there was a plan for the revival of AWN in mid 2012, but it fell apart too nor was it capable of bringing back Role Players who had left earlier. This also caused the death of the other 3 organisations. Ultimately leading to several so called "noob tiers" spwaning up. By then RP had been completely divided. It had decended into darkness.

By the end of 2012, there were several plans for revival including formulation of OWN and revival of CoN. Both failed.

In 2013, another plan for revival of CoN was set up. 

Throughout 2013 CoN flourished and managed to revive old RP ideals.