Kaiser Maximilain II

Maximilian II of Siam,Maharaja of United Empire ,Maharaja of Indochina, Emperor of Siam, Emperor of Portugal, Emperor of Brazil. He is known as "First Asian Rpyer" and started Rp around May 2010. His first group known as Thai Total War(Originally as Gaming Group) when he contact Tsar Michael and Napoleon III that made his First RP Time. Later He created The Siamese Empire as Sucessor to Thai Total War run until Present. He is the one of Oldest Asian Rpyer in RP History.

He is the one dislike the Anger Wars on Steam Rp and he actually want RP become Peace Time. He is Fighter for Freedom, Democracy and Religious for All of Rp World and Asian peoples. His Popular Achivement is making Asia as Known more in Rp along with Kronz.

Early RPEdit

He met Tsar Michael(Now Inactive), Napoleon III and George V of KOE that make his first in Rp. He is joining Coalition against Prince of Rome(Now Gone from RP). After the War Coalition against Prince of Rome he was hacked and gone for 2 week. and Return again in 29 May. He talk about Fruition and Squid to other much that he didn't know about that two guy now. He support Anti-Fruition Movement for prevent hacker. This is made his Rp become Very good Roleplaying on steam.

Exile of Thai Total WarEdit

Kingdom of JoseonEdit

He setup the Kingdom of Joseon that he lost Thai Total War to Tsar Michael and known as "Sejong of Korea". He also worried to get his Thai Total War back to him. He rule Kingdom of Joseon for 2 weeks and lost to someone and can't remember.

Persian EmpireEdit

He found Persian Empire as his new group when he lost Joseon to Fruition and change his name to "Shah Abbas" and rule Persia for about 1-3 weeks.

Korean EmpireEdit

Founding of The Siamese Empire - Sucessor to Thai Total WarrevertEdit