Major Steam RP Political Figures are Important in the RP community and CoN. One of them would be Leader of CoN such as Marcus Antonius from SPQR "Who is the co-founder of CoN", George V of Britain "Who is most Famous for being a leading Democratic Figure in Rp" and George II "Who is founder of Economics RP. In History we have General Spock, Casey S. Rogers is one of the few who is “very loyal and is always willing to help out”.

The list is compiled based on the amount of votes each person r ecieved.

  • Emperor Marc Antony- Co- Founder of Council of==Major RPer's and Major Political Figures (Top 10)==

nations (Respected RPer)

  • Smetana {I.U.} - Co-Founder of CoN and Founder of IU.
  • Andrew I -
  • George of KoE -
  • General Spock -
  • Luitpold -
  • Alpha -
  • Casey Rogers -
  • Heinrich -
  • El Presidente -
  • Nick of Estherland -
  • Miller -
  • Emperor of Fruition -
  • Augustus (TLR) -

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