George II is a widely known figure, and he is liked and hated by many. He is also known for, like George V, and Spy, for being a Liberal leader. He has done some bad things in his recent past. In March of 2011, a war (debatable whether it was a world war) broke out between the Security Council and OGN & TLR. He was unique to this war because he was an OGN spy. He had hopes of restoring a previous power of three leaders, Tchaikovsky , FoeHammer , and himself to where they left off in the summer of 2010. He spied against the Security Council, Marc, and Kronz. Gaining information from chats, and posting it on OGN announcements. Later ratted out, which forever betrayed his trust with Tchaikovsky, he nearly was held on trial. Later, he was succesfully able get the message across to CoN by multiple announcements (while staying in the rule of the group, explanations, speeches, and other things that he did to get it clear to CoN that people with more influence in RP were generally granted more freedoms and priviledges than lesser RPers.

He got his start when in 2009, he met a player named Attile the Hun from THE HUNS. Though he was not directly responsible for his entering RP, it was a great help. That summer he was involved many Ancient Greek like groups that were doing "Steam Politics" as it was known then. Groups included LEONTES, ELLHNES, The Republic of Athena, and today a widely recognized group, Estherland. During his time there he was a key figure, and was good friends with Estherland. After Fruition started to spread he felt threatened, and went into gaming for awhile, coming back 2-3 months later to a far more developed RP. He got off to a start when LEG (Legion of Extraordinary Generals) offered him to join their group, and he became Chief of Diplomatic Relations. He had dealings with a group known as DvR, a gaming group indirectly alligned to RP, and he declared war on them. For 1 month and a half he fought them, and it ended when his PC abrubltly crashed, not being able to afford a fix until 7 months later, which is when he returned to see WW4, which was explained above.