The English Empire

The Flag of The English Empire

The English Empire was formed by George III, King of England on May, 24 2010 since then the group has become one of the most respected British roleplaying groups. The Group is a Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy.

Government History/ laws

On June 16th,2011 a new Prime Minister was put into offical by the king. David Lloyd George (Prime Minister) his first act as Prime Minister of EE was disbanding the government since everyone was inactive. He was finding people who he thought would be active.


When the war broke out EE aswered the call to WC plead for defence. with OGN and TPOFTW pushed EE forces back into England looseing battle after battle. But hope was not lost for the English. With strong spirits and military Generals on the ready. The King ordered military Operations and battles to push there enemys back to there capital and free WC.

Military Operations

  • Operation- English Blitz (Defeat)
  • Operation - Nordic Thunder (Defeat)


  • Battle of the Atlantic (EE Win)
  • Battle of Flordia (OGN Win)
  • Battle of Flordias Port (OGn Win)
  • Battle of Yukon (EE win)
  • Battle of Quebec (EE win)
  • Battle of San Francisco & Montreal (EE win)


  • Serendipity (OGN,EE,WC,TPOTW) Armistace