The Automaton Tycho Project is an active Automaton development program begun by S.P.Q.R. The project
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Automaton Tycho Project Logo

has since been moved into the hands of ARPANET but still remains under S.P.Q.R. management and development. ATP has created three Automaton programs named Automaton Tycho System, previously named Automaton Test System.

Early Development

The project was begun by Marc Antony in S.P.Q.R. in order to create a program capable of self autonomy and mainly a program capable of running a routine without external intervention. The Automaton Tycho Project was not the first to create Automatons or "bots" as many in the Steam RP community have come to refer to them as. The Emperor of Fruition had two known Automaton's being used and run by the Land of Fruition and later Calone groups. Development of the first Automaton Tycho System begun in late 2010 with the rediscovery of Fruitions 'bots' which during the First Fruition War were used to track Private Messages sent by users (How this is was done is still a mystery to ARPANET) and to spam various groups. Little progress was made untill early 2011 when it became possible to Execute a set of statements zero or more times, until some condition is met. (i.e loop).

Further developments and Maiden use of ATS 1000

The ability to set Automaton Tycho System into a loop was a major breakthrough for ATP. What
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Automaton Tycho System 1000

was known as Automaton Test System then became the first official Automaton Tycho System version 1000. ATS 1000 has since recieved updates from technological advances in the Automaton field. ATS 1.3.0, as it's known now, was first put to use as a peaceful and faster means for mass invitiation into S.P.Q.R. The loop function allowed it to continuisly invite untill told to stop by the operator. ATS 1000's achievements and accomplishments throughout it's active career include: Successful breach of OGN security (Entering a locked group) during the Tchaikovsky Wars. The 'Nuking' of BRAB during the Idi wars, the disabaling of various Nazi groups and the final disabaling of the Emperor of Fruitions main Calone account ATS 1000 was disabled by Steam shortly after the "nuking" of BRAB. After the demise of ATS 1000 ATP, now with ARPANET, began the creation of two new Automatons. One which would serve CoN as a public use automaton (ATS2000) and one which would be used for defense purposes (ATS3000).

Public Announcement of the Automaton Tycho Project and Future Developments

With the creation of ARPANET and the involvment of more CoN members in it's projects ATS1000 was revealed to the masses after being kept a closely guarded project. ATS 2000's first task was to mass invite to various CoN member groups, a task which gave the ATP wider support. ARPANET has not announced plans to create any new ATS' and updates to the current ATS 2000 and 3000 systems are on going.