Advanced Research Projects Agency Network== ARPANET is an Innovation Agency with a unique role within Council of Nations. ARPANET is not tied to a specific operational mission: ARPANET supplies technological options and is designed to be the “technological engine” for transforming Steam RP. Nonetheless, one of mission that is of high priority within ARPANET is to prevent technological surprises to the CoN. Near-term needs and requirements generally drive CoN to focus on those needs at the expense of major change. Consequently, a large organization like CoN needs a place like ARPANET whose only charter is radical innovation. ARPANET looks beyond today’s known needs and requirements.

One of ARPANET's missions is to prevent technological surprises to the CoN.


-Small and flexable: Small team, big results.
-Flat Organization: ARPANET avoids hierarchy, essentially operating at only two management levels to ensure the free and rapid flow of information and ideas, and rapid decision-making.
-Autonomy and freedom from bureaucratic impediments: Although ARPANET is a part of CoN in order to maintain clean, un-infringed, and swift decision making ARPANET reserves autonomy from any bureaucratic decisions made by the Council.

Active Projects:

-Automaton Tycho Project (ATP)
-Steam RP Economics
-Steam RP Wiki
-Node Network Project (NNP)
-RP Tier Project